Democratic Primary Results

Caroline Simmons won the September 14th Democratic primary and is the Democratic mayoral candidate for the general election. Further election results can be found below:… more

September 14 Democratic Primary

On September 14, there will be a Democratic primary to decide who the mayoral candidate will be, as well as Democratic candidates in two Board… more

36th Senate District Special Election Results

The special election for the 36th state senate district unfortunately did not go the way we hoped, as Alexis Gevanter narrowly lost. In only six… more

Stamford Democratic City Committee Endorses Candidates for Municipal Office

On Sunday, July 25, the Stamford Democratic City Committee held a special meeting to endorse candidates for municipal office. Below is the list of our… more

Upcoming Special Election in the 36th State Senate District

On June 22, State Senator Alex Kasser announced her resignation as state senator for the 36th state senate district. We are grateful to Senator Kasser… more