About the SDCC

As the organizing body of the Democratic Party for Stamford, CT, the Stamford Democratic City Committee (SDCC) is dedicated to electing Democrats at all levels of government. We play an integral role in recruiting and developing the Democratic leaders of tomorrow, and we’re committed to supporting and promoting Democratic values and ideals.

The SDCC is composed of 40 members, two from each of the 20 city districts. Registered Democrats elect SDCC members to two-year terms. The Town Committee meets monthly and meetings are open to all Democrats, though only members may vote. From its membership, the Town Committee elects a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Deputy Treasurer and Secretary.

What Does the SDCC Do?

The SDCC recruits and nominates candidates for city, state and national office, supports election campaigns, and advocates the Democratic Party platform and good sense in government policy and legislation.

Some of the activities we perform are:

  • Advertising
  • Organizing public meetings
  • Registering new voters
  • Helping candidates campaign
  • Running phone banks
  • Getting voters to the polls
  • Preparing voter mailings
  • Staffing party headquarters
  • Working at the polls