Upcoming Special Election in the 36th State Senate District

On June 22, State Senator Alex Kasser announced her resignation as state senator for the 36th state senate district. We are grateful to Senator Kasser for her three years of service representing Stamford in Hartford and wish her all the best.

We are thrilled that Alexis Gevanter is the endorsed Democratic candidate! To learn more about Alexis, please visit her website. Follow her on facebook for upcoming events and ways to help.

The special election to fill the vacated senate seat will be on Tuesday, August 17. If you need an absentee ballot, please make sure to apply now. You can download an application here. COVID-19 is still an excuse on the application pursuant to Senate Bill 1202 of the June Special Session 2021. There is a drop box for ballots and applications in the Government Center parking garage at 888 Washington Blvd. You can also make an appointment to go in person to the Town Clerk, email Ballots are available now. Please make a plan to vote absentee if you will be out of town on August 17.

To volunteer or request a lawn sign, please sign up here. It will be a very fast election timeframe, so we need all hands on deck!