Statement from Stamford Democratic City Committee Chairman Josh Fedeli Following the First Debate between Democratic Mayoral Candidate Caroline Simmons and Unaffiliated Mayoral Candidate Bobby Valentine

Press Contact:

Josh Fedeli


“Tonight’s debate presented voters with a choice between an honest Democratic candidate with experience serving the public, and a misleading Republican whose only experience has served himself. 

Whether it is detailed plans for bringing more money to Stamford to lower our tax burden, growing our economy to create more good paying jobs and expand our grand list, building more housing at more affordable price points – both rental and homeownership – or fixing our roads and sidewalks, Caroline is ready today to create a stronger and more vibrant Stamford.

But let’s make no mistake, the next Mayor will be picking up the baton in combating this pandemic and ensuring that Stamford continues to turn the corner. Now is not the time to have a Mayor take office that is confused about testing, or vaccines (Stamford Advocate, 10/2/2021). We need a leader who will follow the science, trust our public health experts and who we can count on to stand his or her post when we’re facing an emergency.

I couldn’t be prouder of Caroline’s performance, and it’s clear why Bobby is questioning his participation in debates – when he’s forced to answer questions about how to serve others, he’s at a loss.”