Stamford Democratic City Committee Weekly Roundup!

Democratic Party updates, campaign announcements, and the latest news from our local, state, and federal elected officials

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DCC Updates

On Wednesday, May 18th, the Stamford DCC met to endorse candidates for citywide office and single town state house districts. The following candidates were endorsed:

Citywide Office: 

  • Probate Judge – Gerald Fox III (incumbent) 
  • Board of Education – Daniel Dauplaise (incumbent), Michael Hyman, Versha Munshi-South 
  • Constable – Denis Patterson*

*This seat was held by Rodney Pratt and this vacancy goes before the Board of Representatives for approval to fill out the rest of the term. The seat is up for re-election in November 2023.

State House: 

  • 144th District – Hubert Delany (incumbent)
  • 145th District – Corey Paris (incumbent)
  • 146th District – David Michel (incumbent) 
  • 147th District – Matt Blumenthal (incumbent)
  • 148th District – Dan Fox (incumbent) 

Stamford also has two multi-town state house districts and Rachel Khanna (149th District) and Victor Alvarez (125th District) were endorsed at previous conventions for those seats. 

Virtual trivia night is back! Join on this Tuesday, May 24th, and test your knowledge and compete for the chance to win prizes. Tickets are $15.

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The Zoom information will be sent out the morning of the event.

City Updates

BEFORE & AFTER: A new sidewalk and crosswalk has been installed by the Transportation, Traffic & Parking Department at Washington Boulevard and Second Street. This project improves safety and mobility for pedestrians along this busy walking corridor.

On Wednesday, May 25th at 6:00 pm, Mayor Simmons, Superintendent Dr. Lucero, and Police Chief Shaw will be joined by a panel of experts for a Facebook Live discussion around the safety and mental health of students in Stamford. Click here to submit a question ahead of the event. 

Make sure to come out on Sunday, May 29th at 12:00 pm for the Stamford Memorial Day Parade as we honor the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Federal Updates

Stamford Firefighters Chad Titus, Michael Rosero and John Colandro were among the fifteen public safety officers honored with the Medal of Valor at a ceremony at the White House last week. 

Last year, these firefighters dove into freezing water during a blizzard to rescue two trapped occupants of a truck that was rapidly sinking below the waterline at Cummings Beach. After rescuing one victim, the truck fully submerged and facing strong offshore winds, the rescuers then broke a glass window – while underwater – and successfully pulled the remaining passenger out to safety. 

This is the highest decoration for bravery exhibited by public safety officers and we are proud that their brave actions were acknowledged by President Biden!

This week, the seven members of Connecticut’s federal delegation were among the 963 people included on a travel ban imposed by Russia. The Russian Foreign Ministry announced the bans on Saturday as part of a response to sanctions imposed on the country as well as others who have publicly denounced Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Other notable names on the list include President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Hillary Clinton. 

Can you guess who is omitted from the list? Donald Trump. 

In the News

“Children born in the 21st century couldn’t avoid climate change if they wanted to. It will color every aspect of their lives, and be the defining challenge the world faces as they age into adulthood. There isn’t a choice in the matter.”

ICYMI: The Hearst Connecticut Editorial Board wrote an op-ed highlighting the importance of climate change education in schools. Close to 90% of schools already teach about climate change but it will be required by state law beginning in July 2023, as it was included in the recently passed state budget legislation.

Click here to read the full op-ed.

Campaign Announcements

Victor Alvarez, a member of the New Canaan Board of Finance, is the endorsed Democratic candidate running for the 125th state house district! This district, which is represented by Republican Tom O’Dea, previously covered New Canaan and Wilton. Now due to re-districting, it includes parts of New Canaan, Stamford, and Darien. 

Victor is a financial professional who is eager to use his background and skillset to represent this district in Hartford. He will advocate for fiscal responsibilty, investments in infrastructure, and mitigation measures to address climate change.

In order to qualify for the Citizens’ Election Program, Victor needs at least 150 contributions from Stamford, New Canaan, or Darien residents. The minimum contribution amount is $5 and the maximum contribution amount is $290.

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Campaign Messaging

In response to a recent ad by Bob Stefanowski, the Lamont campaign released the below press release. Messaging will be critical in the weeks and months leading up to the November election and we encourage you to share this information with your friends, family, and network. Sharing a positive message about the work our Democratic elected officials have accomplished will be essential to combat misinformation. 

FACT CHECK: Stefanowski’s Newest False Ad Attempts To Distract From his Failures On Budget, Taxes, & Roe v. Wade

Hartford, CT – Republican candidate for Governor Bob Stefanowski launched another deceitful campaign ad in an attempt to distract attention from his refusal to support women’s rights and anagenda that “does not work for everyone” in Connecticut. It’s clear that following last week’s GOP convention, Bob’s campaign is experiencing a campaign slump rather than a convention bump.

“Still lacking a strategy, plan or meaningful vision to move Connecticut forward, Bob stooped to a new low early in this election by resorting to the tactics he knows best: desperation and distraction,” said Jake Lewis, Lamont campaign spokesperson. “While Bob peddles fiction about the current state of Connecticut, the facts are Governor Lamont worked tirelessly to pass a historic budget that included the largest tax cut in Connecticut history, while making significant investments in education, crime prevention and job training.”

Governor Lamont is transforming Connecticut into a place where working families and businesses can afford to grow and set down roots. Additionally, Governor Lamont’s budget reduces property taxes on cars and homes—putting more money back in voters’ pockets.

Bob would have done the opposite with a plan that would have gutted critical state services, defunded municipal aid and doubled property tax bills for middle class families across Connecticut. 

Here are the facts:

FACT: Governor Lamont signed a historic budget that included the largest tax cuts in state history, invested heavily in education and provided real relief to working families. [Republican American, 5/9/22]
Governor Lamont and Democrats in the state legislature just passed $600 million in tax cuts for Connecticut families, workers, and seniors. The package increases the state child tax credit, reduces car and property taxes, and phases out state income taxes on 401(k)s and pensions withdrawals.

FACT: Bob Stefanowski claims to want to make a Connecticut that works for everyone, but opposes the minimum wage, and proposed a budget plan that would decimate education funding and doubled property tax bills. [Hartford Courant, 10/12/18]

FACT: Under Governor Lamont, Connecticut is among the safest states in the nation. Under Bob Stefanowski, Connecticut state police positions would not only have been drastically eliminated, but police would not have had funding or access to the tools and resources needed to do their job safely and effectively.
In 2021, CT was ranked 6th for crime and corrections by the U.S. News & World Report’s Overall Ranking of Best States [US News & World Report, accessed 1/5/22]

According to the CT Mirror, “Overall, violent crime in Connecticut decreased in 2020; nationally, it increased by about 4.5%.” [CT Mirror, 10/18/21]

Governor Lamont has trained and hired hundreds of new CT State Police officers, and is working to hire and train hundreds more in the state police and in our cities and towns. [CT Insider, 8/26/21Patch, 2/7/22

FACT: Lamont Swiftly Fired Kosta, and Hired an Independent Investigator
Lamont fired Diamantis a little more than a week after the state received a federal subpoena concerning school construction contracts and swiftly hired an “independent investigator”, a former US Attorney, who released a “lengthy report” into Diamantis’ hiring of Colangelo’s daughter. [Hartford Courant, 1/24/22, CT Insider 2/3/22]

FACT: Lamont Administration Has “Zero Tolerance” Policy on Corruption, Started Investigating School Construction Contracts, Hiring Auditors to Go Over Projects Who Would Work a “Very Aggressive Schedule”

Lamont said the public should have confidence in his administration, due to his directions to Twardy and follow-up actions that are planned. ‘We said leave no stone unturned, zero tolerance for this type of stuff, follow where it may,’ Lamont said. ‘And that’s what Stan Twardy’s report, you know, showed.’ ‘We’re hiring auditors, going over all those school projects as well, just to make sure people have confidence that when we see something like this, we act,” Lamont said. ‘We act fast, zero tolerance.’” [Associated Press, 2/4/22]