Know Your Stamford Ballot for the Tuesday, November 8 Election!

The endorsed Democratic candidates are all on Row A. Your state district number will be in the upper right corner of the ballot and your candidates for State Senate and State Representative will differ based on your district.

To check your polling location and find your State district representatives click here. Please note with 2022 re-districting your district representatives and polling location may have changed.

Once you know your polling location (voting district), scroll though the ballot below to find the one that matches. The voting district #1-24 is listed in the top right corner of the ballot.

Meet the 2022 Endorsed Candidates on Row A!

Governor/Lt. Governor (vote for 1)

United States Senator (vote for 1)

Representative in Congress (vote for 1)

State Senator (vote for 1)

State Representative (vote for 1)

Secretary of the State (vote for 1)

Treasurer (vote for 1)

Comptroller (vote for 1)

Attorney General (vote for 1)

Judge of Probate (vote for 1)

Board of Education (vote for up to 3)

Vote on the Question (Yes or No)