2020 Election Results!

The results are in – all of our Democratic endorsed candidates won in Stamford! Overall, voter turnout was 80.3%. Thank you to all the volunteers who took the time to make phone calls, lit drop, text, write postcards, or deliver lawn signs!

Stamford results for all candidates are listed in bold below, as well as the full totals for dual-town districts.

To see a further breakdown of the results, click here to visit the Secretary of State’s website.

Presidential Electors

Joe Biden/Kamala Harris: 40,437

Donald Trump/Mike Pence: 18,242


Jim Himes: 38,930

Jonathan Riddle: 17,644

Brian Merlen: 1,112

State Senate (District 27)

Carlo Leone: 27,610

Eva Maldonado: 13,185

Carlo Leone Total: 29,279

State Senate (District 36)

Alex Kasser: 8,883

Ryan Fazio: 6,317

Alex Kasser Total: 29,133

State House (District 144)

Caroline Simmons: 9,106

State House (District 145)

Pat Billie Miller: 5,898

Juan Ospina: 1,736

State House (District 146)

David Michel: 8,147

George Hallenbeck: 3,410

State House (District 147)

Matt Blumenthal: 7,321

Dan Maymin: 4,234

Matt Blumenthal Total: 8,451

State House (District 148)

Dan Fox: 6,519

Wilm Donath: 2,055

State House (District 149)*

Kathleen Stowe: 2,686

Kimberly Fiorello: 2,153

*Candidate lost overall race but won the vote count in Stamford

Registrar of Voters

Ron Malloy: 35,855

Lucy Corelli: 20,325

Board of Education Full Term

Jackie Heftman: 35,023

Andy George: 35,450

Fritz Chery: 34,124