Stamford Democrats: Local Republicans are Interfering and Undermining the City’s Vote Counting

(Stamford, CT) – Today, Stamford Democrats charged local Republicans with interfering with ballot counting and undermining the process of tabulating absentee ballots cast in Tuesday’s election.

Instead of allowing the process of counting votes to take place, Democratic leaders said Republicans put undue pressure on the Registrars of Voters and leaked incomplete vote totals. That inaccurate information has appeared in multiple publications and has misled the public to believe results in the 36th Senate and 149th House races were final and official.

Stamford Democrats said that about 1,200 absentee ballots – neither opened or counted – were found to have been placed in a locked storage area alongside ballots that were already counted. The party said the ballots could have been misplaced by negligence, or could be a deliberate attempt at voter suppression in solidly Democratic districts.

Democrats said Republican elected officials and party leaders continue to willfully promote misinformation about this process and the results because they know the votes are not in their favor. They called on Republicans to ensure that every ballot is counted.

Josh Fedeli, Chairman of the Stamford Democratic City Committee, said, “The ballots being counted are legal ballots, submitted on time and per the law, by hundreds of Stamford voters. We saw an unprecedented number of absentee votes in Stamford this year, a large portion of which, were cast by Democratic voters. If ‘misplaced’ ballots are a result of intentional acts by Republican moderators or staff in the registrar of voters office, those individuals must be removed from the counting immediately. It stretches credibility to believe that the three districts where the majority of these ‘misplaced’ ballots are from were those with the most competitive races – the 36th senate district and 149th house district.”

Representative Dan Fox, co-chair of the Government Administration and Elections Committee, said, “The General Assembly passed legislation to ensure that all voters could vote safely by absentee ballot amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The law passed gave registrars of voters in Connecticut the option to process absentee ballots four days prior to Election Day, allowing time to resolve any possible issues with rejected absentee ballots. Unfortunately, the Stamford Republican registrar of voters pushed back on this and refused to do so and now, along with this conduct, we see a pattern of attempts to slow down and hinder this process.”

Connecticut Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo said, “Voting and counting those votes are the most basic tenets of our democracy. Win or lose, every vote must be counted and it’s troubling to see evidence of party politics in the reporting of numbers in Stamford. Thank you to the Stamford Democrats for your vigilance in making sure the will of the voters is heard.”