Democratic Primary Results

Caroline Simmons won the September 14th Democratic primary and is the Democratic mayoral candidate for the general election. Further election results can be found below:


Caroline Simmons: 4,114 votes

David Martin: 2,410 votes

District 5 Board of Representatives

Melinda Punkin Baxter: 170 Votes

Bonnie Kim Campbell: 166 Votes

Lila Wallace: 147 Votes

Gloria DePina: 138 Votes

District 19 Board of Representatives

Don Mays: 320 Votes

Jennifer Metheny: 319 Votes

John Pelliccia: 292 Votes

Pina Basone: 286 Votes

We are grateful for Mayor David Martin’s leadership and service to our city for over 30 years. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped both campaigns get out the vote for this primary. We are only seven weeks away from the November 2 general election and we are eager to work hard to support our entire slate of Democratic endorsed candidates!

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